• Turtle Rock Studios revives "Back 4 Blood" with a new concept art
  • The art was posted on Twitter was a "sneak peak" and a bit of "Hope"
  • "Back 4 Blood" was first announced in March 2019 for release on the PC, Xbox One and PS4
  • Turtle Rock Studios described the game as an “original, premium title” and an “AAA title”

It's been more than a year since Turtle Rock Studios gave zombie fans a hint of its co-op survival shooter game, “Back 4 Blood.” Since then, hints of the game mellowed down and focused their attention on the Lake Forest, California-based developer's hit game, “Left 4 Dead.”

While “Left 4 Dead” spawned two sequels in 2009 and 2010, “Back 4 Blood” was completely erased until recently. As seen on its Twitter page, Turtle Rock Studios posted a concept art of the game as a “sneak peak” and a bit of “Hope.” The latter could mean a bunch of things in the gaming world. For one, it could speak that the fortress that is shown on the art is humanity's last safe haven as it continues to battle the undead and monster hordes.

On the other, “Hope” could also mean that Turtle Rock is actually working on “Back 4 Blood” and will surprise fans with a breaking announcement when they see fit. But until the studio has something to back up the teaser, gamers can only speculate so much.

Aside from “Hope,” there is a significant part where those who have played “Left 4 Dead” will say that “Back 4 Blood” will be a different environment, considering the barbed wire, stakes and countryside setting as opposed to the city-based setting of “Left 4 Dead.”

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The concept art could also suggest that “Back 4 Blood” will focus more on defense. According to IGN, the game could make players attempt to “force” zombies into traps as well as firefights. PC Gamer, on the other hand, saw it as a game where players are encouraged to “fight back” in contrast to “Left 4 Dead” where characters are always running to reach the designated evacuation point.

“Back 4 Blood” was teased back in March of last year and was described by Turtle Rock Studios as an “original, premium title” and an “AAA title.” The Studio also claimed that “Back 4 Blood” should not be seen as “Left 4 Dead 3.” Instead, the game is a “brand new, original IP” with the same concept as “Left 4 Dead” but with new features and mechanics such as PvP.

“Back 4 Blood” won't be a free-to-play title and was targeted to be released on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.