Barnes & Noble has invented a GlowLight solution for those who are addicted to bedtime reading and at the same time do not wish to disturb their sleepy spouses.

As claimed by the company, NOOK Simple Touch is the world's first E Ink reader flaunting patent-pending lighting technology with a soft, adjustable glow feature -- GlowLight -- which will let the users read in the darkness, giving them just the right amount of light required for reading.

Despite the latest technological upgrade, the new Nook is priced only at $139, and the company has confirmed the market availability for the device around early weeks of May. Further, it is already available for pre-order and will also come with a power adapter and built-in anti-glare screen protector at no additional cost, unlike Kindle.

While it is already known that the current Nook Simple Touch costs $99 (same as the current Amazon Kindle Touch), and the new Nook is priced a little higher because of the integration for the new light technology, it can be clearly distinguished that Barnes & Noble has floored a direct competition against the Apple and Amazon tablets with the latest gadget.

Apple's iPads are equipped with backlit screens. However, Barnes & Noble has mentioned in its press release that the new Nook technology creates a better night time reading experience than an LCD screen because it throws off less light and will not disturb a reader's partner who is trying to sleep.

NOOK Simple Touch boasts a 6-inch touch-screen device has a weight of just 200 grams. Hence, it is Barnes & Noble's lightest Nook yet, which is quite an innovation itself. This can be said because earlier, Sony tried to work on this concept and launched Sony's PRS-700 E Ink reader back in 2008 offering two built-in LED side-lights. However, soon the device was discontinued as it was large and much heavier as compared to the new Nook Simple Touch and was uncomfortable for users to handle.

Well, it is not hard to guess, that Barnes & Noble's announcement, Amazon is going to sit silent without taking some actions to counter it. Rumors are already rife in the media world that Amazon is secretly working on releasing its own e-reader device with a glowing screen. According to a recent report by Techcruch, they revealed that the new Kindles might have a glowing screen soon. However, Amazon did not give any confirmation of the report.

Looking at the current market statistics, it can be clearly estimated that Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch sale is not as high as compared to Kindle Touch or the Apple's iPad. However, with this latest upgrade, the company might definitely outturn the retail figures against the majors.

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You can also have a look the video below to experience a 360 degree view of NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight: