"Batman: Arkham Knight" will reach the Xbox One, PCs and PlayStation 4 next month. Courtesy/Warner Bros.

The “Batman: Arkham Knight” Limited Edition is facing a delay -- this on the heels of the recent decision by Warner Bros. and developer Rocksteady to cancel the Batmobile Edition featuring a transformable Batmobile. The Limited Edition sells for $130 as an Amazon-exclusive.

Also affected is the Limited Edition version including a Batman statue from GameStop. An email to those who preordered was obtained by Eurogamer, which said the delay was the result of an issue in the quality of packaging.

The good news is the issue is just delay and not an cancellation. The email said the packaging will be updated, and players can expect the game to be shipped and delivered no later than July 14.

Players, however, will not face a delay in playing “Batman: Arkham Knight.” The report said download codes would be made available June 23. The physical items, such as the full-color artbook, the steel book case, the “Batman: Arkham Knight” #0 comic book, skin pack and memorial statue of the caped crusader will be arrive later.

Delays aside, “Batman: Arkham Knight” is a game that may be worth the wait, at least according to its high score in Metacritic as well as the reviews from pros who have sampled the game. Screenrant reported Metacritic gave the game a 91 percent, a far cry from last year’s “Arkham Origins,” but much closer to the first two titles of the series, “Arkham Asylum” and “Arkham City,” which garnered 91 percent and 96 percent, respectively.

All of the other raves for the game talked about the combination of detective work from the series’ old glory days in “Arkham Asylum,” the game’s pickup point from the “Arkham City” and the additional combat and fluidity of the animation for this iteration. Polygon also noted what makes “Batman: Arkham Knight” all the more unique from its peer-games is how it lets players attack. With all the tools one needs as Batman, the game leaves the players on their own, with the player assigned expected to see things through on his or her own.

There were specific highlights for the Batmobile as well, which was introduced in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” The battle that can be conducted with Batman’s sidekick vehicle reportedly opens up a lot of opportunities in the way the player can interact with the environment of Gotham City.

"Batman: Arkham Knight E3 trailer (Credit: YouTube/Batman Arkham)