Sunbreaker will be introduced in "The Taken King" downloadable content of Bungie's "Destiny." Bungie

Hot on the heels of the "House of Wolves" downloadable content (DLC) for “Destiny” comes the announcement of the third expansion of Bungie’s hit game. Not only does it confirm a lot of previous rumors, but it also introduces some game-changing aspects to “Destiny.”

The developer released a video showing of some of the additions to the game. As seen below, "The Taken King" will be the next expansion. It introduces an enemy, Oryx, whose main goal is revenge. There also will be an army of corrupted Taken, which are completely different from what “Destiny” players have ever faced.

The new enemies are literally burning from within, as the animation reveals. This can be seen in a slight jitter they do every now and then, signifying that they no longer have a will inside. There will be a new area to explore, Oryx’s castle, new modes, new puzzles to solve, new loot to uncover and new quests to gain new powers.

This introduces subclasses into “Destiny.” GameSpot reports that these subclasses are Stormcaller, Sunbreaker and Nightstalker. The new gameplay video shows what each of the subclasses can do -- and by the looks of it, these new moves can match the intimidating feeling brought by the aliens.

"The Taken King" will be available in the fall, but according to IGN, a collector’s edition will be available exclusively from GameStop in the U.S. Ideally, this is an edition for those who have yet to get the game, as it will include the base game, two previous expansions and the upcoming DLC. All of these are packed in a steelbook, as are the following items:

-- Treasure Island book with Cayde-6’s letter

-- Cayde-6’s journal with notes and drawings

-- Some relics and artifacts

-- Guardian class items with XP bonus, emotes and armor shaders

-- Early access to some new weapons

-- A weapon schematic

-- A replica of the Strange Coin

Sony PlayStation users get continuing exclusive content for the platform. And it will be the same for the Taken King DLC for "Destiny." As announced at the PlayStation Blog, there will be a vast array of exclusives for the PS4 and PS3 platforms.

For the exclusive co-op strike, PS4 and PS3 players will get the Echo Chamber, where players will battle against Vex. Sector 618 will be an exclusive competitive multiplayer map, where there is an open center area, narrow chambers and exposed bridges all packed in a mid-sized arena.

Snipers will enjoy the Jade Rabbit, which has a 13-shot magazine, scope and rabbit decal. Those collecting Legendary Gear Sets can also look out for Hesperos, Azoth Bend and Neuroghast, which are the new armor sets for each class, coming exclusively for the PS4 and PS3.

"Destiny" The Taken King DLC (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)