A police-cruiser video of the Montgomery County, Md., Police Department's traffic stop of Batman has surfaced, thanks to the Associated Press.

The Dark Knight was pulled over for driving his Batmobile, a Lamborghini Gallardo, without tags, although he had them inside the car.

Again, no tags, just got the Batman seal on the vehicle. It's a black Lamborghini, and the driver's dressed like Batman. You can send me Robin if you wish, one of the officers said in the police-cruiser video while pulling over the Caped Crusader.

While we already knew that Batman's real name in this case was Lenny B. Robinson, the cruiser video has some priceless dialogue preserved for posterity.

Officer: You got a front tag there, Batman. What's your name other than Batman?

Batman: Lenny.

Officer: OK, Lenny, you got a front tag to put on the vehicle?

Robinson dresses in a $5,000 neoprene-and-leather Batman suit to visit sick children in hospitals around the Baltimore region, according to Autoblog.

This was not Batman's first encounter with the Montgomery County Police Department, as he made a distress call last November for help with a flat tire, according to Patch.com.