“Battlefield 1” is being accused of forcing players to not only play as an African-American character  in the game, but also inaccurately depicting the involvement of African-Americans during World War 1.

“Battlefield 1” was released on Oct. 21. Prior this, the game’s developers and publisher were already being criticized for featuring an African-American character on the cover of the game. With the game’s release, the criticism became stronger as many players point out that the game was “black-washing” people and having an unrealistic depiction of the historical war that serves as the setting of the video game.

According to J Station X, players are complaining because “Battlefield 1” may seem to have overlooked the efforts of the mostly white soldiers during World War 1. Instead, the game is said to put emphasis on the African-American soldiers, who really had a small role in the war, historically speaking.

Some players are also mad at the fact that “Battlefield 1’s” multiplayer campaign enables them to play as an Africa-American solder, with others noting that it appears as though they are being forced to play as a black character in the game.

Despite these complaints, “Battlefield 1” is getting strong figures when it comes to sales. Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen even shared during an earnings call that the company is expecting to sell around 80 million units for the PS4 and Xbox One versions this 2016. The company is also hopeful that 100 million units will be sold in 2017, as per GameSpot.

Furthermore, reviews such as the one from Vox do not really dwell on the idea of which race contributed more during World War I, but instead took notice of the amazing job EA DICE did in designing the elaborate digital environments to resemble the battlefields of the war.

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