EA Dice kept its word that it is releasing “Battlefield 1” patch 1.02 this Monday. The patch is now available for download on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. This new update comes with much needed fixes for bugs that are affecting the gameplay of the World War I-themed first-person shooter.

As reported by WCCFTech, the new patch for “Battlefield 1” fixes several crashing and freezing issues. It also remedies the problem with the non-existence of new objectives when players enter the “Through Mud and Blood” War Story. The technology publication also pointed out that PC players will now experience temporal anti-aliasing on default.

GameSpot has learned that “Battlefield 1” patch 1.02 repairs glitches and crashes in both single-player and multiplayer campaigns. Also, the patch is said to mainly contain fixes, so players shouldn’t expect new features to pop up. The gaming site specified that what’s very noticeable with this patch is the repair on the error that displayed incorrect class ranks. Before the patch, players saw that they have gotten a higher rank without unlocking anything. Now that the error has been resolved, players will now see what ranks they really have all along.

EA Dice released the complete patch notes for the latest “Battlefield 1” update via the game’s forum page. By the looks of things, most fixes are for all platforms. There are also those that are console-specific. For example, the fix for the unlocking “Trench Raider” Dog Tag is specific for Xbox One players. On the other hand, PC players can now feel relieved that the occasional crash when a user shutdown the game has been addressed. PC players will also not have a hard time using the A and X buttons when they are handling an Xbox One controller.

Meanwhile, for the general fixes that are applicable to all platforms, patch 1.02 fixes the soft freeze in the single-player campaign and the issue that causes players to get stuck in the globe screen when they cancel matchmaking. For the general UI, bugs causing wrong info to appear in the loading screen and English texts to show in non-English regions have been crushed. Soldier animation that kept on crashing has also been resolved with this patch. Check out the full patch notes here.