Sony is rolling out the first post-launch patch for “WWE 2K17” for last-gen consoles, and it is not as extensive as the one that was released for the current-gen versions. However, players are advised to download and install the patch if they want to enjoy an upcoming DLC.

PowerUpGaming reported Tuesday that patch 1.01 for “WWE 2K17” is needed for compatibility with the imminent Legends Pack DLC. The update is clocking in at 13MB, and users said upon installing the patch that it does not crush bugs on the last-gen consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3.

On the contrary, has learned based on the patch notes that update 1.01 does fix a lot of gameplay issues aside from ensuring that the last-gen versions would be compatible with the Legends Pack.

Per the patch notes, the update fixes the warping issue when sidling up on the corner near an upright ladder. It also fixes the issues with the Finisher icons and the clipping and warping when a table or ladder is blocking the path of the Superstar.

In addition, the “WWE 2K17” patch is said to fix the title stability loading for a 40-man Royal Rumble match and the problem that causes the Superstar to get out of a ring though gameplay is supposed to be confined within the ring, as in the case of Steel Cage Match and Inferno Match.

Interestingly, the small patch also adds a damage indicator for the affected limbs during certain moves that previously did not display indicators. Also, the update enables users to finally create the “Favorite VS. Undertaker: Championship Confrontation” story.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, the patch brings all the essentials for the release of the Legends Pack, which has yet to receive a release date from 2K Games. As of late, only the Goldberg Pack is confirmed to be releasing on Nov. 8.