• Dice will be releasing two major patches to address numerous problems within “Battlefield 2042”
  • The first patch will release Thursday, while the other is scheduled for early December
  • The patches will address issues like server stability, weapon accuracy and much more

Roughly one week after the official launch of “Battlefield 2042,” Dice has already announced two big patches meant to address the myriad of technical issues players have experienced with the game’s release version.

The developers are getting ready to unleash a barrage of fixes for “Battlefield 2042,” which is currently in a problematic state following a buggy and generally disastrous release. At the moment, the game is ranked among the 10 worst games on Steam with over 40,000 negative reviews that are mostly due to rampant issues that hindered gameplay as well as some questionable design choices on the developers’ part.

Two patches will be released to alleviate some of the playerbase’s frustration, according to Dice. The first patch will arrive this Thursday, while the second and much larger one will go live in early December.

Here’s a summary of the most notable changes that are coming within the next few weeks.

Update #2 – Nov. 25

Gunplay is set to receive some significant tweaks in this update. Accuracy bloom across all weapons will be tuned down to make shooting weapons feel less frustrating, especially on assault rifles.

Weapons will be tweaked to be more accurate while stationary and when engaging targets within their ranges.

Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone tasks players with retrieving data from satellites that crashed in hostile territory Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone tasks players with retrieving data from satellites that crashed in hostile territory Photo: Electronic Arts

Shotguns will have more consistent spread patterns as well to make them more reliable in close quarters. Meanwhile, the PP29 SMG’s recoil will kick harder vertically to keep it from being ineffective at long ranges.

Soldier Revives are also getting fixed, and a respawn protection system will be implemented to prevent frustrating spawn issues.

Lastly, the Hovercraft’s health is getting decreased, while the Nightbird’s 20mm cannons will be rebalanced to make them less oppressive.

Update #3 – Early December

This patch is going to be massive. It will address a lot of quality-of-life improvements, balance changes and tons of bug fixes. Here’s a more condensed overview of what’s coming next month:

  • Improved server stability (lag and rubberbanding fixes) and better hit registration
  • Several user interface improvements
  • Improved end-of-round experience
  • New weekly missions with cosmetic rewards
  • More than 150 tweaks and changes across all existing maps
  • Better bot behaviors
  • Improved audio mixing
  • Various graphical improvements
  • Specialist ability fixes and balance changes

Unfortunately, Dice won’t be implementing what it calls “legacy” features like scoreboards and server browsers anytime soon, but it is considering them for the future.