• According to the leak, "Battlefield 2042" will have four main game modes
  • Conquest, Hazard Zone and Breakthrough will have smaller variants
  • Rush will reportedly make a comeback in "Battlefield 2042"

Multiple official game modes will still be coming to “Battlefield 2042” despite the addition of the ambitious new Portal mode, giving players a taste of how the game is intended to be played. Some of these game modes have been leaked online, giving fans a peek into what they can expect when the game fully launches this October.

A list of the available game modes for “Battlefield 2042” was leaked on the r/GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit by u/Folavin17. The list of modes was allegedly taken from the official EA Answer HQ forum, which somewhat increased the credibility of the leak.

The leaked game modes are the following:

  • Conquest
  • ConquestSmall
  • HazardZone
  • HazardZoneSmall
  • Breakthrough
  • BreakthroughSmall
  • Rush

Conquest, Breakthrough and Hazard Zone were all previously confirmed by EA and DICE themselves. What’s interesting, however, is the presence of the smaller variants of each game mode as well as the inclusion of the classic Rush mode that fans of “Bad Company” and “Battlefield 4” have come to love.

Battlefield 2042 is bringing some changes to vehicles to accommodate the larger map sizes
Battlefield 2042 is bringing some changes to vehicles to accommodate the larger map sizes Electronic Arts

The small variants of the three main game modes are similar to the selectable player size maps in “Battlefield 2” and “Battlefield 2142.” Players had the ability to choose between 16-, 32- and 64-player variants of maps. The size of each map also scaled according to the number of max players available, affecting the amount of control points and vehicle types that were accessible for each match.

“Battlefield 2042’s” jump from 64 players to a maximum of 128 can prove to be problematic in the grand scheme of things. Other than the inevitable grenade and explosives spam, players are also worried that the sheer size of each map might spread the action thin across several hotspots instead of concentrated points of conflict.

This issue will be more prevalent in Conquest mode than everywhere else, as Breakthrough and Rush are designed for concentrated team battles instead of Conquest’s free-form warfare. It’s unknown how Hazard Zone’s small variant will play out as the game mode has not yet been officially revealed.

More game modes may get added in the future as limited-time events similar to how they were treated in “Battlefield V.” However, the new Portal mode may serve as the central hub where players can choose whichever mode they want to play at any time, and this will eliminate the need for timed game modes and any other additional modes in general.