• "Battlefield 2042" will have a new class system called Specialists
  • Each Specialist will have a backstory and unique, role-specific tools
  • The game will have 10 Specialists at launch

There are plenty of changes coming to “Battlefield 2042” and the new Specialists system is arguably the biggest one among all of them. This system is set to replace the traditional class system to provide more depth to gameplay and a new layer of customizability for every player.

Changing one of “Battlefield’s” defining features is bound to cause a stir within its community but from a gameplay perspective, the Specialist system actually isn’t as bad as some fans think. Here’s a short overview on what this new system is and how exactly it will affect the gameplay experience.

Class System Changes

The ordinary soldier types from the previous “Battlefield” games will be replaced by Specialists, unique characters with their own names, backgrounds and specialized tools. Instead of picking an Assault or Recon soldier, players will get to pick from a pool of 10 Specialists at launch, with more characters planned for the coming months.

Battlefield 2042 returns to a silghtly more futuristic modern era
Battlefield 2042 returns to a silghtly more futuristic modern era Electronic Arts

The old class system won’t entirely be getting replaced. Instead, they will be considered as broader categories that define a character’s role. Specialists that are focused on flanking, repositioning or destruction will fall under the Assault category while those with the ability to gather intel on enemy positions will fall under the Recon category, and so on.

Meet The Specialists

DICE has revealed four Specialists so far, presumably one for each category.

  • Webster Mackay is a Canadian Assault trooper who’s built for speed. He’s armed with a grappling hook and a unique passive that increases his Aim-Down Sights (ADS) speed.
  • Combat doctor Maria Falck is a Support character who uses a Syrette Pistol to revive allies from range. Any ally she revives will be resurrected with full health.
  • Russian Engineer Pyotr Guskovsky brings automated sentry guns to the table, locking down areas and guarding blind spots from flanking enemies.
  • Recon specialist Wikus Van Daele can operate a Recon Drone that can spot enemies, launch EMP blasts and designate targets for lock-on weapons. He is also equipped with a motion sensor that alerts him whenever an enemy is nearby.

Weapon types will no longer be restricted by a character’s class and anyone can equip any gun they choose. Assault troopers will be able to fulfill anti-tank roles if armed with explosives and Recon specialists can opt for a stealthy CQB approach with silenced SMGs or carbines.