• "Battlefield 2042's" trailer shows a collection of the most memorable moments in the series
  • The game will feature the same chaotic, large-scale gameplay of the previous titles
  • The game is set to launch in October 

The reveal trailer for the heavily-teased “Battlefield 2042” is now available, showing that the game is everything fans of the series expected it to be and more.

BF2042’s” reveal is a love letter to all the people who have been following the series over the years. The game seemingly combines the aesthetic of “Battlefield 4” with a laundry list of high-tech weapons and gadgets of the not-so-far future. More importantly, DICE has shown that they know exactly how the fans have been playing the “Battlefield” game.

Here are all of the references to the best and most memorable “Battlefield moments” in the “Battlefield 2042” trailer.

The Base Jump At Damavand Peak

The trailer starts with a bang as an unknown mountain facility is bombed by hostiles. The soldiers immediately jump off the edge and parachute down into the valley while one operative uses a wingsuit to glide away.

The scene is very reminiscent to the Damavand Peak map in “Battlefield 3.” In the Rush game mode, the attacking team must jump and parachute down from a mountain base after successfully destroying objectives. Jumping down a cliff together with the entire team was eventually marked as one of the most memorable “Battlefield” moments for many of the game’s fans.


“Battlefield 4” introduced dynamic maps with a “levolution” mechanic; players were able to drastically change a map’s landscape by triggering certain events that destroyed landmarks or points of interest.

The “2042” trailer showed multiple instances of levolution across its maps. One part of the trailer showed an assault on a wrecked barge, which had a part of its hull fall down due to tank fire.

Helo Attacks On Siege Of Shanghai

The Siege Of Shanghai map in “Battlefield 4” featured the rooftop of a towering skyscraper as one of its main control points, which always led to helicopters from both teams peppering the deck with gunfire.

Battlefield 2042's trailer is filled with the game's best and most memorable moments
Battlefield 2042's trailer is filled with the game's best and most memorable moments Electronic Arts

A similar scenario is featured in the trailer, where a Little Bird helicopter takes out entire squads on a rooftop. The helicopter is eventually taken down after getting rammed by a quad bike driven from the roof, which is something that players have actually done in-game before.

The RendeZook

DICE’s decision to include a cinematic version of the RendeZook took viewers by surprise. The legendary move was first performed by player Stun_gravy in “Battlefield 3” where he ejected from his jet, took out an enemy jet that was trailing him then landed back safely in his vehicle.