The rumored “Battlefield V” game won’t launch until later this fall, but more information about keeps getting leaked online. An anonymous source claims that developer DICE is currently working on a Battle Royale mode for the upcoming game.

DICE is said to be already testing the new Battle Royale mode for “Battlefield V” and it is likely going to feature gameplay similar to “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG) and “Fortnite.” The developer is allegedly still trying to figure out how to implement this Battle Royale mode with the current gameplay mechanics of “Battlefield,” according to Venture Beat’s source.

Battle Royal mode has become one of the most popular types of competitive online gaming modes. This type of mode drops a hundred players onto a map and all of them will have to fight it out until one player or one team is left alive. The mode’s popularity has grown immensely thanks to “PUBG” and “Fortnite,” and it makes sense that EA DICE is trying to figure out a way to bring it to “Battlefield V.”

This might be great news to a lot of fans, but they shouldn’t get too excited. Apparently, DICE still hasn’t approved the new Battle Royale mode and is still in the process of prototyping it. Even if DICE approves the inclusion of the new mode, it may not even be ready when the “Battlefield V” release date arrives. It’s being speculated that DICE might bring Battle Royale mode to the game at a later date as part of a free software update. The developer is known for providing additional content, both free and paid, to a lot of its shooters so a software update to bring Battle Royale mode isn’t too farfetched.

Although the Battle Royale mode is being tested for “Battlefield V,” Venture Beat warns that plans for the game mode could still drastically change. EA could flat out cancel the prototype or it could hold off on Battle Royale mode for a future “Battlefield” game. It may even make its way to a “Star Wars: Battlefront” sequel or it could be spun out into a brand new standalone game.

Whatever happens though, it seems as though that EA DICE is interested in joining the Battle Royale craze. This makes a lot of sense considering that Activision is also rumored to bring the popular game mode to “Call of Duty” later this year with the release of “Black Ops 4” on Oct. 12.