• Steam is home to hundreds of good horror games
  • "Tormented Souls" is a singleplayer horror experience similar to classic PS1 and PS2 survival horror games
  • "SCP: Secret Labs" is a great game to play for large parties

Halloween is approaching, and those who want to scratch their itch for horror games have a lot of awesome titles to choose from.

While mainstream games like “Phasmophobia,” “Outlast” or any entry from the “Resident Evil” franchise are solid choices to play for a quick fright, there are other less popular games out there that are just as great for all kinds of players.

Here are a few horror games for players to consider picking up this month.

“Tormented Souls”

Fans of the classic survival horror genre should definitely pick up “Tormented Souls” as it’s heavily inspired by the likes of “Resident Evil,” “Silent Hill” and “Alone In The Dark.”

Tormented Souls is a love letter to the many classic survival horror games of the 2000s Tormented Souls is a love letter to the many classic survival horror games of the 2000s Photo: PQube Limited

Witness the maddening horror at Waterlake as Caroline Walker, a young woman who suddenly finds herself trapped in a mansion-turned-hospital in this fresh and modernized take in the fixed-perspective adventure that many horror fans came to love.


No other game does top-view horror quite as well as “Darkwood.” Despite being played from a bird’s eye view, this game manages to create a dread-filled atmosphere that’s just as terrifying as every other game in the genre.

Explore the ever-shifting forests by day and hunker down against the many beasts that come at night. “Darkwood” is a brutal and unforgiving game that drops players in the middle of its cruel and miserable world, leaving them to unravel the mystery behind the shifting woods on their own.

“SCP: Secret Laboratory”

Out of the many fan-made projects about the internet’s famous “SCP” library, “Secret Laboratory” wins as one of the most fun multiplayer games for large parties.

Set in a breached mass containment facility, players can either escape as members of the research staff or prisoner-like D-Class personnel, neutralize all threats as operators of the heavily-armed Mobile Task Force and Chaos Insurgency or leave no one standing as one of the many monsters of the “SCP” universe.

There’s no strict player limit to “Secret Laboratory,” and it’s completely free to play as well. This game might not be a horror game in a traditional sense, but it’s an amazing party game for friends who want to get together online.