• Steam has an increasing number of cooperative horror games available in its library
  • Most co-op horror games can be played alone or with friends
  • There are many hybrid horror games that include one or more other genres in the mix

Playing horror games with friends is a great way to enjoy a weekend. Diving into a haunted house or a cursed hospital is normally a very scary experience when done alone, but going with friends to share screams with often makes for a great time.

Steam’s library of co-op horror games has been steadily growing over the years, with the likes of “Phasmophobia” and “Dead By Daylight” taking center stage as some of the platform’s most popular titles.

For players who are looking for a bit more variety in their selection of cooperative horror options, here is a short list of some of the best and most recommended horror games on Steam.

“Pacify” and “Devour”

These are two separate games that are similar enough to warrant a shared spot in this list. “Pacify” and “Devour” are egg-hunt-style horror games where players must collect items in order to banish a ghost.

While both games vary in terms of premise, their overall gameplay is similar to each other. Players will find themselves in a haunted area or establishment where they have to outrun or hide from some form of paranormal entity.

Both games offer the classic cat-and-mouse dynamic between players and monsters, often resulting in plenty of screams and chaotic shenanigans for parties of up to four friends.


Labyrinthine” takes a slightly different approach from the usual run-and-hide style of horror games. As the name suggests, players must navigate through mazes, solving puzzles and avoiding multiple monsters while trying to reach the exit.

Labyrinthine is a cooperative horror game about escaping from a maze while avoiding deadly monsters Labyrinthine is a cooperative horror game about escaping from a maze while avoiding deadly monsters Photo: Valko Game Studios

Instead of just being chased by ghosts like in “Pac-Man,” each monster in the game is programmed to behave differently, forcing players to identify what they’re facing so they can react accordingly.

One monster may not like it when players look directly at them, while another might become more aggressive if a player starts running away. Small nuances like these make the game more tense and enjoyable than most.


This four-player cooperative FPS may seem like the typical “Left 4 Dead” style horde shooter, but a quick glance at how enemies behave is enough to dispel any misconceptions.

GTFO” is a hardcore survival-horror experience. Players are sent into procedurally generated underground facilities to complete various objectives while dealing with an infestation of humanoid monsters. These “sleepers” are extremely lethal but normally lie dormant. It’s up to the players if they want to go in guns blazing or take a sneaky approach to accomplish their mission.

The game’s atmosphere is heavy with dread and suspense, and one wrong move can bring an unending horde upon a squad, creating incredibly tense but fun experiences.