iPhone X
The iPhone X has the new Face ID and other features. Apple

Apple’s fragile iPhone X means people will have to take extra steps to protect their expensive device, like getting a shockproof case.

Apple released the iPhone X last Friday in stores. The 64GB iPhone X model is priced at $999, while the 256GB version is going for $1,149. The iPhone X's high prices have consumers on edge about against accidently breaking their phones.

Youtubers have already tested the iPhone X’s durability and show how a nasty fall can crack the device’s edge-to-edge OLED display. The falls can also damage the iPhone X’s main feature: the Face ID.

iPhone X owners also went on social media to complain about their cracked screens.

5 Cases To Protect Your iPhone X

To protect against falls and cracks, here are a few cases that could help protect the iPhone X:


Otterbox is selling the iPhone X Strada Series case for $49.95. The case protects against hits and falls. It also serves as wallet with its vertical card slot. The case won’t make the device look bad, since it sports premium leather with a metal latch and is available in three colors.

Urban Armour Gear

Urban Armour Gear is selling six different cases for the iPhone X that help protects drops. The cases meet military drop-test standard and include air-soft corners to protect against impacts. Case prices range from $34.95 to $39.95.


The Speck Ultra iPhone X case has four layers of protection against drops from up to 15 feet. The case includes an ultra bumper, as well as port and button covers. The case is also slimmer than other rugged cases and is easier to install, the site says. The case costs $49.95 and comes with two-day free shipping.


The Skech Echo iPhone X case protects against 15 foot drops and includes port protections. The case is clear, which is a good feature for customers who want to show off their iPhone X. The case is priced at $44.99.


Tech21 is selling four different cases (Evo Check, Evo Wave, Evo Evoke Edition, Evo Wallet) in various colors for the iPhone X. The cases feature a 3-layer impact absorption system to protect against 10 feet drops. Prices for the cases range from $39.95 to $49.95.

iPhone X and iPhone 8 Warranty Pricing

For those who skip out on getting a case, fixing the iPhone X comes with a hefty price. Apple will charge a $279 flat rate for iPhone X screen repairs, according to its warranty pricing page. A repair rate for other damages on the iPhone X will cost $549, about half the device’s full price. Meanwhile, the rate for screen repairs on the iPhone 8 Plus is $169 and $149 for the iPhone 8, and the price for other damages on the iPhone 8 Plus is $ 399 and $349 for the iPhone 8.