Those who owned any MacBook model, Pro or not, from the recent years know and understand that Apple's laptops aren't perfect. While all of them have their pros, all of them have their cons as well.

All recent MacBooks are equipped with the problematic butterfly keyboard, for example. This keyboard is so unreliable and tends to get broken so easily, Apple itself decided to put the latest MacBook Air model under its keyboard repair program. The tech giant doesn't have enough confidence in its own keyboard. Thankfully, a new keyboard is coming soon.

The keyboard isn't the only concern users have, however. Cult of Mac noted that recent MacBooks have very few ports. They also heat up very quickly. Those who own a recent MacBook will also find it impossible to upgrade internal parts on their own.

That said, how can users deal with their problematic MacBooks? By getting a replacement, of course. But since the next best replacement won't be until the Cupertino tech giant releases its 16-inch MacBook Pro or the refreshed MacBooks next year, users will have to settle with some MacBook alternatives.

Here are some of the best MacBook alternatives for those who really need a new system to work with.

For those who want to stay within Apple's ecosystem

Those who want to stay within Apple's ecosystem have the iPad Pro as the next best choice. It may not be able to run some Mac software such as Ableton Live, Logic or even proper Photoshop, but at least users will still be able to use their iCloud account and keep their Photos library with them.

For those who don't mind leaving Apple's ecosystem

Those who don't mind leaving Apple's ecosystem for a while, but would want to sync some of their files to iCloud, can get a Windows PC instead. A Windows PC is the best non-Apple platform for iCloud. With it, users can still sync their Safari bookmarks, their photos with their iPhone, and their contacts, calendars, mail and tasks with Outlook.

For those who use web apps often

MacBook users who use Google services and use web apps often can get a Chromebook instead. These laptops are relatively cheap compared to MacBooks, and are great for use with web-based services including

Of course, these options aren't really enough to replace a MacBook. Current MacBooks can only be replaced by newer MacBooks, which will come later next year.

MacBook update When will Apple release refreshed MacBooks? Photo: Getty Images/Stephen Lam