You've been wanting to get fit since last year. Then, the pandemic happened. Next thing you know, life started to transition into the new normal. Turn this to your advantage and make the most of your free time by sweating it out! But before you do, you have to look the part!

Old Shirt vs. Gym Clothes

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology revealed that wearing the right clothes does impact behavior and attitude. Sports psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader of the New York Mets added that having new workout clothes allows a person to be in character like how an actor transforms to their TV/Film roles when they put on their character’s costume. 

What’s the Ideal Workout Clothes?

Workout Clothes Fabric, fit and perfect for the weather - these are some of the things you should consider when buying workout clothes. Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

For the uninitiated, all activewear and other workout gear might look the same. But in truth, these are all designed to be unique from each other. For example, gym clothes made from bamboo are great if you are looking for something that’s super soft yet capable of handling moisture. The Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation said that wearing clothes made from bamboo helps protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

So, what’s the ideal workout clothes and gear? That depends on what physical activity you are planning to do. But, you must also consider a few things that make up your activewear.

Fabric is numero uno in your list of considerations. It is best to spend money on things that will last for years. So, it is recommended to go with a breathable fabric that wicks the sweat off and, if possible, is made out of cotton material.

Next in your list is the fit. You wouldn’t want to join a gym class dressed in oversized pants or shorts and spend the whole time in class pulling it up. Experts recommend that your workout clothes match the kind of activity you are doing. Generally, it is best to have clothes that are loose and comfortable. However, it does not apply if you are doing pilates. Stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick off sweat are best for this kind of exercise.

Finally, it is also advisable to match your gear with the season. Remember that the weather and temperature do affect your performance in every physical activity. So, it is best to wear clothes with breathable fabrics during summer while wearing an outer layer is best for when the days are cold.

The Benefits of Wearing the Right Gear

There is a lot to say here so we’ll trim it down to three. First, like what’s said earlier -- having the right clothes do impact your workouts. Studies and sports medicine professionals have claimed that it allows you to be more engaged in every workout with the right clothes and gear.

Second, it protects you from injuries. Activewear pieces make use of the ideal materials for physical activity. It was also designed to endure tension, pressure and friction while you exercise. Given that thorough research was made in making these clothes, you are assured that you’ll be protected at all times.

Lastly, they improve your performance. For example, it is best to wear specifically designed shoes for marathons rather than those designed for playing basketball. Each product made for a specific physical activity comes with a feature that allows you to do more and supports you as needed. 

What are the Essential Gym Gear Items?

Fear not because we got you covered. Here are some of the must-haves if you’re planning to be more serious in exercising:

  • Shorts or leggings
  • Fitness tank or tee
  • Crew or ankle socks
  • Running or cross-training shoes
  • For women, sports bra

Where to Buy?

Adidas Adidas has workout clothes for any sport! Photo: Kebs Visuals / Pexels

Adidas is the place to go if you want some quality, top-performing activewear and gear. The brand is trusted by most professional players and teams in a lot of sports. It remains committed to powering and changing lives through sports since 1949. This vision is now infused with incorporating the latest technology available for activewear and sporting goods. It has its line of athletic apparel, shoes and other workout essentials.

Now that you know what differences workout-dedicated clothes and gear can bring to the table, it is time for you to start browsing and shopping today.