• Asta joins Noelle in the battle
  • Megicula is surprised to see another human
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 301 is postponed to Aug. 1

Megicula is getting restless as she desperately wants to complete the manifestation process. However, Asta's arrival will only complicate things for Megicula in "Black Clover" Chapter 301.

Fans will have to wait to see Noelle and Asta's reunion as "Black Clover" Chapter 301 will not release this Sunday. According to Manga Plus, the chapter will hit the stands on Aug. 1.

The new chapter is likely to showcase Asta joining the battle against Megicula, who is surprised to see another human being like Noelle.

In Chapter 300 of "Black Clover," Megicula was impressed to witness Gaja surpassing his limits and her expectations. The magnificent spell by Gaja blew her mind.

The chapter, titled "Beyond Tenacity," opened with Gaja facing Megicula, who told him that her body was protected by an ultra-high-speed recovery curse. Meanwhile, Undine looked helpless as Noelle called her out.

Megicula revealed it was the same curse as before and Noelle cannot use the Saint Stage power. The devil announced it was game over for the humans. Noelle charged up and yelled at Megicula.

Megicula was surprised to witness Noelle's drive to fight her. The devil knew there was no way Noelle could win and yet she was willing to struggle. She felt Noelle's efforts would prove to be pointless.

She wondered if the humans could create spells and change the situation. However, she knew the humans weren't capable of producing spells that can beat her in the Decaying World.

Megicula noted how the devils would never fight or go against a being higher than their own. She observed humans would attempt nonsensical plans to win and surpass their limits.

She ridiculed Acier Silva who fought for her children and Gaja who battled because of his loyalty to the queen of the Heart Kingdom.

Noelle was fighting against Megicula despite knowing she would lose. However, she was armed with hope and toward the end of the chapter, a miracle happened.

Just when Megicula decided to blast Lolopechka using Curse Warding Magic – Exploding Life, Asta appeared.

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