Black Friday 2018 is nearly here, and as always, there will be plenty of opportunities to pick up video games and consoles with which to play them at significant discounts. The PlayStation 4 is the most popular game console on the market, and there will be at least one major opportunity to pick one up for cheap for those who do not already have one.

Get a PS4 with one of its best games at a discount

Most major retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy and Target, are all advertising the same deal in their pre-Black Friday ads. Customers can get a PS4 Slim with 1 terabyte of storage and a free copy of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” for just $200. That is a savings of $100.

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” came out in September and tells an original story starring the popular superhero. It was released to rave reviews and sold well for Sony. A $200 PS4 with a free copy of the game is one of the better gaming deals on Black Friday this year.

As GameSpot pointed out, there do not seem to be any discounts on the more powerful, 4K-enabled PS4 Pro console just yet.

ps4 bf
The new Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro are unveiled at the Playstation Theater on September 7, 2016 in New York. Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images

Save on virtual reality

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is one of the more affordable virtual reality experiences on the market, provided one already owns a PS4 console. Walmart is advertising a PSVR bundle that comes with a headset and two well-received VR games, “Astro Bot Rescue Mission” and Moss,” for $200. That is a discount of $100.

Target, meanwhile, has a PSVR headset bundled with “Creed: Rise to Glory” and “Superhot” for $250. It is normally $350.

Game deals galore

All of the aforementioned retailers have dozens of discounted PS4 games. Walmart will have “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” and “Soulcalibur VI,” both of which are nearly brand new,” for $35 each. The same price applies to “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.” Walmart will also have “God of War” and “Detroit: Become Human” for $25 each.

Sports fans can get the PS4 versions of “Madden NFL 19” and “FIFA 19” for $30 at Best Buy. The popular “Monster Hunter World” will only be $20.

Target has some slightly older PS4 games, such as “Wolfenstein II” and “The Evil Within 2,” for $15 each.