The best-laid plans for a bookie's success are not always “form follows function”. What should be easy is often difficult, and what should be difficult can be surprisingly easy. What bookies are looking for is a program that not only eases the difficulties of the day-to-day tasks’ but also one that will boost profits. Bookies the world over have one common denominator – Money.

  • Bookies are not greedy for the most part, what they are is needy. Let’s face the facts about this bookie gig – it’s not always easy and the idea many folks have about this job is simply a stereotype. People think the bookie is the guy running around Brooklyn in a brand new Cadillac, a $2,000 leather coat, and in the inside pocket of the coat, a perpetual wad of sweaty cash that looks to be at least 10K… oh, and don’t forget the Louisville Slugger in the trunk, of course, that’s for breaking kneecaps when someone doesn’t pay. The Joe Pesci scene is just that – a scene out of Hollywood.
  • We are talking about real-life here, a real job, and an honest profession. There are thousands of you that are trying to make a six-figure income as an honest bookmaker, and you need help. There is nothing wrong with needing help. It matters not what business you may be in, what matters is using the tools that are available to help you see success.
  • It’s rare for any bookie to see overnight success, however, it does and can happen. The question is, what do you do with that success once you find it? No matter if you have 3 active clients or 300, you must be prepared to manage your business in such a fashion that brings a steady profit flow in a difficult economic environment.
  • Over the past decade, pay per head providers have listened to what bookies want as well as the gamblers themselves. Bookies want a software program that combines all of the gambling elements – the sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook.
  • The PPH providers have listened to the heartfelt suggestions from bookies around the world by teaming up with software developers that understand the gaming industry. What they have come up with is genius.
  • The PPH concept is not new. In fact, the concept is well over 20-years old and when it was invented 20+ years ago it was just as ingenious as it is today.
  • Times have changed drastically and what one thinks the buying public would pay is surprisingly different than what one might have paid many years ago. Think in terms of the cell phone. When the cell phone was invented more than 30-years ago only wealthy folks were able to afford one, it was in a box and archaic but it took off, the concept worked and eventually the industry was able to offer the consumer a fantastic product at a great price. The same can be said for the price per head industry – when it first came out the software was a bit archaic, and it was certainly not affordable for the average bookie.
  • Back to the stereotype we go, where only rich boys driving a Porsche had cell phones and were bookies – you know, the $2,000 leather jacket!
  • Bookies now have choices in software and it’s affordable. The best bookie software in the industry has been set at a price point in the $7-$10 per head range. Every bookie now has the ability to afford such a product.
  • It matters not how small or how large your bookmaking operation may be, you can afford $7 per head, per week. The truth of the matter is this; you can’t afford to not have great software for bookies.

The best bookie software is a management tool that manages your bookie business on a daily basis. The software literally does the job for you. Those mundane tasks that you hate, you know what they are – you must set the event every day and you must offer sharp lines and odds. You must offer a wagering menu that features a wide verity of ways in which to bet. You must accept wagers either in person or over the phone and you must grad those wagers and adjust accounts accordingly within a reasonable amount of time, (10-15 minutes after the event). You must keep track of the money and you must have a budget for your business, or you will find yourself belly-up in a hurry.

Bookie software is a proven moneymaker, it works and bookies all across the United States are swearing by the product. Now you can have a piece of the pie and it all starts with a 4-week free trial. Call the pay per head provider and give yourself a chance to earn what you know your worth.