Gearbox Software has recently released many announcements about the upcoming “Borderlands 3” game to be released this September. Their recent reveals were mostly about gameplay and its systems that sounded fun and advantageous to the player. Here’s what we know about the new “Borderlands 3” announcements.

As seen on its worldwide gameplay reveal livestream, the developers shared many details about “Borderlands 3” to the public. Mostly, the reveals consisted of gameplay, game system and the trademark funny gimmicks that can be seen in the “Borderlands” series. Many fans voiced out their love for the game’s new features on its official Reddit.

According to the announcement, characters in "Borderlands 3" would still have three separate skill trees for them to build up on. However, the characters will have one active skill available for each tree, which totals up to three equippable skills.

Previously, many players would scratch their head as duplicate characters in the party would offer abilities that are too similar to provide any significant benefit to the team composition.

In previous “Borderlands” entries, players would only have one active skill unique to their character and their skill tree would help build that active skill to work differently based on the player’s choices. So far, the abilities of Zane the Siren, Amara, and the Operative, Zane, were showcased in the livestream.

Moreover, the game system also has a feature called “loot instancing.” In previous games, many high-level players cannot loot well if they try to help their low-level friends as the weapons would be too weak for them to use. The new loot instancing feature prevents this as loot will be uniquely offered to each player in the game and adjusts according to their levels.

With this, players can go ahead and team up each other but still receive mutual benefits at all times. Players can even disable this feature for the old-school system where players would have to talk things out or fight for the loot they want.

Lastly, fans seem to love the new weapons that have gimmicks upon reloading. In the “Borderlands” series, Tediore-branded guns are disposable and are thrown to enemies when reloaded. The previous series only allowed most of the discarded guns to explode on contact.

Meanwhile “Borderlands 3” shows that these guns could do more as discarded Tediore guns can grow legs and fight alongside the player and even turn into a bouncing grenade that moves toward foes. Footage of these guns can be seen in the livestream but were also specifically highlighted in Gamespot's video.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more announcements to see if this game will fully win the hearts of players during its September release.