Gearbox Software recently deleted a tweet announcing the release date of "Borderlands 3" on April Fool's Day. Moreover, another deleted tweet supposedly confirmed that “Borderlands 3” would also be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Here’s what we know about this.

According to IGN, the official Gearbox Software Twitter posted a tweet about “Borderlands 3’s” release date, claiming it will be launched on Sept. 13. A pre-order bonus called the Gold Weapon Skins pack would reportedly also be included if they get the game now.

However, the tweet has been deleted from the page. IGN pressed the site over the authenticity of this deleted post, but Gearbox only replied with “¯ _( ツ )_/ ¯," which heavily confused fans over what the company meant by that post.

In hindsight, the company did post the tweet during April Fool's Day when most companies often pull pranks with their official accounts.

For now, we’ll have to wait for more updates in the coming months to find out the true release date of "Borderlands 3." As seen on the official "Borderlands" Twitter, the next announcement is slated to arrive on April 3.

Aside from the release date, another deleted tweet also noted that the upcoming game would be an Epic Games Store exclusive, as seen on the Resetera forums. The tweet showed the “Borderlands 3” trailer, with only the Epic Games Store visible at the lower left corner and no Steam icon.

Many developers are now opting for the Epic Games Store rather than usual Steam release as Epic Games offer better profit deals. So far, Supergiant Games and Ubisoft are some of the few developers which have tried out this new store, so Gearbox Software trying this out would not be a surprise.

Since Ubisoft’s release of "The Division 2" on the Epic Games Store, no large game release has become an Epic Games Store exclusive. This could change if Gearbox seriously releases “Borderlands 3” on this platform.

The first, second and “pre-sequel” entries of "Borderlands" were all available on Steam. With these two announcements, Gearbox Software has definitely caught the attention of their fans.