• Bose released new sunglasses in the Frames line
  • These are the sporty Frames Tempo and stylish Frames Tenor and Soprano
  • These were announced alongside the new QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose has recently announced three new smart glasses in the Frames line, each of them designed to let users listen to music in a stylish, discreet way.

The new devices from the famed audio company come days before Apple's event and are obviously meant to take some attention away from the Cupertino tech giant's audio devices. These were announced alongside new wireless earbuds designed to take on the AirPods Pro, AirPods and others

The new Frames Tempo, Tenor and Soprano offer better designs and technologies compared to their predecessors, the Alto and Rondo. All three are compatible with smartphones and allow users to listen to their favorite playlists, engage in conversations and talk to their digital assistants, without having to place anything in or over their ears.

Here's a quick look at each new model:

Frames Tempo

The Bose Frames Tempo sport sunglasses are specially designed for those with active lifestyles. It is made from TR90, which means it's durable, lightweight and flexible.

The eyewear is also sweat-, weather-, scratch- and shatter-resistant, meaning users can take them practically anywhere – be it jogging on the streets, running on the trail, biking and more.

Bose Frames Tempo
Bose's new Frames Tempo Bose

Bose said the “Tempo’s acoustic package is an engineering phenom, producing the highest fidelity in the Frames family.” It features a 22mm full-range driver in each temple, allowing it to play music that's loud enough for users to enjoy while cycling on the road, while also allowing users to hear all the important noise around them such as cars, training partners and more.

The Tempo offers up to 8 hours of battery life through an included standard USB-C charging cable. Its standard lenses are made of polycarbonate and can be replaced by optional lenses.

Frames Tenor and Soprano

The Bose Frames Tenor and Soprano, on the other hand, are stylish sunglasses that differ in design. Tenor is a smaller, square style, while Soprano has a subtle cat-eye design.

Bose Frames Soprano
Bose's new Frames Soprano Bose

Bose said every material and component used on the Tenor and Soprano were carefully chosen for better quality. These were skillfully crafted so that they'd look great despite having electronic parts inside them.

The result is a pair of sunglasses that offer “improved appearance and supreme comfort,” down to the weight, balance, hinge resistance and ultra-high gloss finish.

Bose Frames Tenor
Bose's new Frames Tenor Bose

Each pair has one 16mm driver in each temple, capable of delivering “noticeably better bass response so playlists are reproduced with more depth and detail.” They are scratch- and shatter-resistant and offer up to 5.5 hours of battery life through a custom pogo-pin charger. Their lenses are also replaceable to suit the wearer's tastes.

Bose's Frames Tempo, Tenor and Soprano are prescription-ready. Buyers can now get them for $249 apiece via Bose and select resellers.