A passenger aboard a British Airways flight was forced to sit next to a urine-soaked seat for her eight-hour plane ride, the Daily Mail has reported.

While new source reported that Ann Frett’s daughter was assigned the biohazard seat and moved to the only remaining vacant seat on the plane, Frett, 68, was left alone with the disgusting mess for the full duration of her flight.

The incident, according to Frett, occurred on Nov. 11 on a London to Boston flight. Upon discovery of the soiled seat, Frett said, a British Airways crewmember removed the seat cushion, sprayed an anti-odor spray in the surrounding area, and placed a blanket on top of the seat to cover it. No other cleaning was involved.

The Boston, Massachusetts resident, spoke to the Daily Mail calling the flight the “worst experience in a lifetime of travel.”

She told the news outlet that she had no other choice but to remain where she was, covering the lower part of her face with the top of her turtleneck.

“I was forced to sit next to a biohazard for 8 hours. The seat was unusable due to the biohazard of human waste saturating the seat, floor rug and wall... Four British Airways flight attendants and other passengers confirmed the stench of urine.

“The seat beside me was rendered significantly unhealthy due to the biohazard and the anti-odor spray used by attendants to cover stench of urine... The spray irritated my nose, pharynx and larynx, causing sinus swelling and a cough that still persists,” she added.

The British Airways flight was delayed 45 minutes from the Heathrow Airport, where Frett said she was refused the chance to get off the aircraft or book another flight. The woman also said that British Airways refused to bring a cleaner on board the plane to decontaminate the seat and surrounding area.

In a Twitter post to Frett, the company responded to her complaint by saying, “We're sorry for the delay in getting a response. Our team are investigating the issue. As soon as we get the necessary information, we'll be in touch. Thanks for your patience.”

Frett and her daughter were returning to the U.S. on a connecting British Airways flight from Rome to London, the Daily Mail reported.

British Airways
This photo shows an Airbus A320 of British Airways as it flies above Toulouse, southern France, Aug. 27, 2018. Getty Images/PASCAL PAVANI