Did you hear the one about the Principal and the copy machine? When parents, teachers and students in Bronxdale did, they were outraged that officials at the Department of Education let the school chief off so lightly.

In fact, protesters rallied outside Bronxdale High School Tuesday to demand the removal of Principal John Chase Jr., who allegedly made vulgar comments to female coworkers--related to said machine.

The outrage stems from the decision by the Department of Education to let Chase off with only a letter of reprimand and a promise to attend sexual harassment training. The decision was delivered Monday night after the DOE found that on at least to occasions Chase had made lewd comments to female staffers, reported The New York Daily News.

According to the DOE's Office of Equal Opportunity, Chase told two female employees last July, Have you seen this new copy machine? It does everything. It even has a hole in it where you can stick your d--- in it and get a b--- job.

He is also accused of repeating similar remarks to other female staff members.

The rally was organized by the teachers' union and the National Organization of Women and was attended mostly by teachers from other schools. City Councilman John Vacca (D-East Bronx) was in attendance, as well as many other political and union representatives.