• "The Witch Queen" expansion's standard edition will not include the dungeons that Bungie advertised
  • The dungeons will be sold separately or as part of "Witch Queen's" deluxe edition
  • Fans are worried that this change might inflate "Destiny 2's" price tag significantly

Fans of “Destiny 2” are both upset and disappointed after learning about Bungie’s planned monetization scheme for new dungeons coming to the game, starting with the upcoming “The Witch Queen” expansion.

Bungie has announced that the “Witch Queen’s” new dungeons will be sold separately or as part of the Deluxe Edition of the expansion pack. Unlike “Forsaken’s” Shattered Throne and “Shadowkeep’s” Pit of heresy, players who purchase the standard edition of “The Witch Queen” will not be able to access the two new dungeons at launch.

This change to the usual pricing model was received negatively by the game’s playerbase. Fans were quick to downvote Bungie community manager Cozmo’s Reddit comment that clarified any confusion regarding the company’s new monetization scheme.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light added tons of new content, including armor, weapons and the first three Darkness subclasses Destiny 2 Beyond Light added tons of new content, including armor, weapons and the first three Darkness subclasses Photo: Bungie

Many fans saw this change as another egregious move on Bungie’s part, as it made “Destiny 2’s” already-confusing monetization model even worse. Most of the game’s additional content mainly came in the form of season passes and annual expansion packs. Separating the two dungeons designed for “The Witch Queen” means that players will have to pay extra for content that should’ve been included in the expansion pack in the first place.

Many Reddit users were angry at Bungie’s decision to charge more for dungeons. Some called the price increase a “scummy move” as it only serves to make “Destiny 2” more expensive than it already is.

Apart from the “Forsaken,” “Shadowkeep” and “Beyond Light” expansions, players must also purchase season passes and the deluxe edition of the current annual expansion pack in order to gain access to everything that “Destiny 2” has to offer.

The Legendary Edition, which includes all expansions and a pass for the current season, will set players back $79.99. Those who want to experience the rest of Year 4’s content will then have to pay another $29.99 for the Deluxe Edition upgrade.

Fans are concerned that “Destiny 2” will eventually become too expensive for new players who may find the total price tag to be too daunting, especially since there’s no way to purchase previous seasonal content a la carte.

Other players are worried that the “Witch Queen” dungeons will get vaulted like most of the original game’s content, sparking fears that their money would eventually be wasted in the future.