Caitlyn Jenner and partner Sophia Hutchins have once again reunited despite their busy schedules. Their reunion comes after the young beauty influencer was photographed with a male friend in New York City.

On Monday, Hutchins revealed on her Instagram that she’s back in Malibu after her busy week in the Big Apple. She apparently updated her followers that her company, Lumasol, is quite ready to launch next year. She previously revealed that her business is preparing to debut in the spring of 2020.

In her latest social media post, she thanked the people comprising her 100 thousand followers on the photo-sharing platform. Sophia also revealed in the same post that her first product, a recyclable post-makeup sunscreen mist, is going to be waterproof.

Aside from relaying the information by writing, “Can’t wait for us all to dive into this journey,” she also staged a clip wherein she gets pushed into the “I Am Cait” star’s pool while wearing her product under the bright sun.

Hutchins’ skin care product is designed to protect users from 98 percent of the harmful UV and UB rays, and the Pepperdine University graduate is proud to say that she’s been using her product herself. In July, she even teased that her sunscreen mist has helped her achieve her radiant skin that glows from the inside.

Though Caitlyn is not visible in Sophia’s latest social media post, it still reassuring to see that the latter has once again returned to the former’s Malibu hilltop mansion. After all, Hutchins moved in with the Jenner patriarch last year and they have since gotten very close that they are consistently being plagued by romance rumors.

Nevertheless, both Jenner and Hutchins have denied the rumors on different occasions. The former Olympian claimed that they are just the best of friends while the finance graduate insisted that they are simply business partners who share a life together because they see the world so similarly.

Hutchins’ Instagram update comes a few weeks after she revealed that it’s become a challenge for her and Jenner to see each other regularly because of their hectic schedules. Jenner is focused on her foundation, The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, and her businesses. On the other hand, Sophia is preparing for the launch of her company, which is going to be based in New York.

“I just haven’t had that much free time, and it’s like I’ve been traveling between L.A. and N.Y. but I haven’t really been … It’s like I barely see her,” Hutchins said in an interview with Life & Style. “Our schedules are both just insane.”

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old CEO was snapped stepping out in New York City this past weekend with a male friend. She even proudly shared a couple of snaps of them together as they made their way to Benjamin Steakhouse.