Following this week’s Infinite Warfare 1.11 update release, Call Of Duty fans have spotted a mysterious button for a feature that hasn’t been fully explained. Want to know what the QR-MT5R Cipher is all about? Infinity Ward tweeted a partial answer Thursday evening.

For those not up to speed, if you go see the Quartermaster in Infinite Warfare right now, there’s a button for QR-M5TR Cipher at the bottom of the screen. Pressing it allows users to enter a 10-digit code in the following pattern: XXXX-XX-XXXX.

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Dozens of codes have been entered by eager players, and there was even speculation amongst the Call Of Duty community about possible Easter eggs. “3W” can be seen on the wall behind the Quartermaster, and there’s a barely audible message that emanates from the plane in the Terminal multiplayer map. Both anomalies were originally thought to be hints, but Infinity Ward quieted those theories just hours ago.

“Curious about the QR-M5TR Cipher button,” the official account asked. It’s “still beta, but it's a way our robot friend connects with community.” The developer further promised to reveal “details soon.”
In other words, conspiracy mongers can put away their tin foil hats, because it’s highly unlikely that a randomly entered code will reveal what the feature has to offer.

As for its potential use, the most common assumption is that these codes may be a new way of receiving seasonal rewards during limited Infinite Warfare promotions. During last year’s Holiday Gift rollout, an exploit allowed players to open a 20-key Supply Drop an unlimited amount of times for totals of 1,000 or more. These codes might serve as an extra layer of security to ensure that mistake doesn’t happen again. Because the button is already live on public servers, however, we suspect it won’t be long before its true intent is made clear.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare update 1.11 just introduced new prestige levels, custom emblem support and the Blood Anvil Mission Team. Maybe the QR-M5TR Cipher will debut with the next patch.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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