The latest installment in Activision's chart-topping "Call of Duty" series was officially revealed Monday. "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" will take place in the future with players in charge of fighting against the Settlement Defense Front. The first "Infinite Warfare" trailer provides a few hints at what to expect from the game when it's released on Nov. 4.

"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" will take the player into space, which confirms earlier leaks. The recent "Black Ops" series focuses on futuristic warfare with drones and robotics on Earth. In the first trailer for "Infinite Warfare," a sneak invasion of the Settlement Defense Front leads to the main conflict in the game.

The "Infinite Warfare" trailer features a few airships, a robot soldier and a very cinematic battle. The centerpiece of the preview takes place when the main character jumps into a ship to heads into orbit around Earth. A large dogfight is taking place over Earth with large battleships exploding during the combat.

There are several moments where players will have to fight in zero gravity, which could add for some strategic elements as players float or have to slingshot their way around a spacecraft. The "Infinite Warfare" trailer ends with a shot of a rocky planet with a ringed-planet, not unlike Saturn, in the background.

Activision announced a Nov. 4 release date for "Infinite Warfare" along with a few editions that fans can preorder. The Legacy Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition of "Infinite Warfare" include the remastered "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." The 2007 game will feature the full solo campaign along with 10 multiplayer maps.

Fan reaction so far is mixed. The main source of contention is the new direction of the gameplay. Some players are excited to see how Activision and Infinity Ward handle space combat while other fans bemoan another futuristic game that's similar to "Destiny" or "Halo."