It was Captain Canuck to the rescue Tuesday when a baby moose veering too close to the highway was saved and brought to the nearest Tim Hortons.

Sudbudy police confirmed to CBC news that the moose was orphaned after its mother was hit by a car. The local animal refugee center was closed for the night and so the moose’s savior, Stephan Michel Desgroseillers, was forced to wait until the next morning.

But he stopped for coffee, like any good Canadian would do, at Tim Hortons before dropping her off, triggering an avalanche of Internet commentary. The main gist is that this is the most Canadian thing to have happened in a while, combining three very Canadian things: a moose, a Tim Hortons and kindness.

Desgrosseillers told CBC that even police were stumped by what to do with the moose calf. “I was pulled over by the police at this time, and they tried to help me out and contact the people. They couldn't get a hold of anybody,” he said. “Police basically told me, ‘Steph, you have a pet until you can get a hold of the proper people to take care of the calf.'”

The moose was happy. According to Desgrosseillers, she “was very comfortable with people. She would go and see everyone and be comfortable.” She even made some friends at Tim Hortons, another very Canadian thing.

For those who have yet to visit what is arguably the great white North’s most popular place, Tim Hortons is a better (sorry) version of Dunkin Donuts. It is also the most important part of any Canadian day.