One of Capcom’s biggest franchises, “Mega Man,” is about to get its own animated series courtesy of Dentsu Entertainment USA and Man of Action Entertainment. According to the Capcom Unity Blog, the “Mega Man” animated series is slated to run for a 26-episode first season and will debut in 2017.

Dentsu will handle the show’s broadcasting and licensing rights, though no network was immediately named for its distribution. This will be the second “Mega Man” cartoon to be made, the first being an animated series that debuted in the early 1990s. "Man of Action" writer Duncan Rouleau has complimented the previous “Mega Man” series for bringing in a lot of action and comedy to plenty of children.

"Man of Action" has been responsible for several hit animated shows in Cartoon Network, such as the successful “Ben 10” franchise and “Generator Rex.” The studio also helped make the “Ultimate Spider-Man” and “Avenger’s Assemble” cartoons for Marvel and Disney XD, with both shows having their most recent seasons renewed, so getting the studio was a smart choice in the part of Dentsu.

This seems to be a step in the right direction for “Mega Man,” a franchise that has been in a bit of a slump. This is mostly due to the cancellation of numerous games under the “Mega Man” label by Capcom.

The canceled games include the customizable "Mega Man Universe,” a first-person shooter called “Maverick Hunter: The Mega Man” and “Mega Man Legends 3,” which was supposed to be a Nintendo 3DS launch title and was a game to which many fans were looking forward. This eventually led to “Mega Man” creator Keiji Inafune's leaving Capcom and making the upcoming “Mighty No. 9” game, which looks and plays a lot like a “Mega Man” title.

A report from Gamespot has stated that no information has been released on the new show’s premise or how it will be distributed, so it appears that “Mega Man” fans are in for a long wait. Still, it seems the new “Mega Man” animated series is in good hands.

New Mega Man 26 Episode TV Series Announced - IGN News (Credit: YouTube/IGN News)