Castrol's Nexcel oil system installed on a Ford EcoBoost engine. Castrol said the system could come to market for normal cars within the next few years. Castrol

Changing a car’s oil has long been a messy affair, including a chunk of time spent just waiting for the fluid to drain from the pan. But what if you could change your oil with the same ease as you change a pair of pants? Castrol seems to have a solution.

The motor oil company has produced Nexcel, a box that contains both stored engine oil and filter that can be removed and replaced in 90 seconds. That's right, a full oil change in less than two minutes. The idea is that instead of fiddling with a messy oil drain plug, filter and pan at the bottom of the engine, Nexcel keeps everything packaged tightly under the hood. You simply lift out the unit and replace. There’s no tool required to swap Nexcel units.

Castrol also said Nexcel will cut down on oil waste, since each unit can be disassembled and the oil within recycled for later use.

Sounds great, but there's a catch: It will require automakers to design Nexcel into their engines, and that probably won't happen for five years. Castrol has had success retrofitting the Nexcel system to modern cars, but any future road-car engines would have to factor Nexcel into their designs, which are planned years in advance.

Until then, Castrol will continue to test it on vehicles like this Aston Martin Vulcan, a track-only hypercar that has Nexcel built in. If Nexcel can handle the abuse a track car sees, it will handle a Toyota Camry just fine.