Fitness Technologies plans to showcase its new-announced, world’s smallest 100 percent waterproof audio line of products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vegas.

These waterproof audio line of products include the UwaterG4 MP3 Player, UwaterG4X Chrome extra durable MP3 Player and UWaterK7 FM Radio. The waterproof audio line features 100 percent Waterproof Audio Technology (WAT) and “Twist & Lock” Technology. These technologies ensure the products' ability to completely seal water out and provide crucial long term protection against corrosion.

The user also do not need to worry about accidentally damaging your MP3 player or radio any more, as the Uwater audio line is rated at the highest level IPX water submersion standard - IPX8, this means you can enjoy your music up to 10 Feet/3 Meters underwater.

The Uwater range of world's smallest waterproof audio products, including the UwaterG4 MP3 Players, are available immediately. The UwaterG4 MP3 Players retails between $60 and $80, the UwaterG4 Chrome MP3 Player is for $80 and the UwaterK7 FM Radio has a price tag of $40.

UwaterG4X and G4X Chrome

Based on the popular UwaterG2 (debuted at CES 2011), the new patented UwaterG4 MP3 Player now doubles the capacity to 4GB of memory for 1,000 songs and 10 audio books, and comes in 5 fashion colors - Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and Ice White. The patented UwaterG4 waterproof MP3 player easily clips onto the included armband, goggles, headband, or belt for swim-anywhere/go-anywhere listening pleasure, ending the boredom of swimming laps, letting you enjoy music and audio books while boating, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, skiing, in the shower, walking in the rain, or running. In addition, the UwaterG4 line now features the new extra-durable UwaterG4X Chrome model, which provides extended durability in salt and treated water for a longer life.

UwaterK7 Light-Weight Waterproof FM Radio

Boomers and seniors demand for simplicity, plus their determination to defeat boredom by listening to music, news, talk, sports while swimming, have resulted in the development of the new UwaterK7, the world's smallest 100 percent waterproof PLL FM radio/receiver. The device features a 1 LCD screen, 19 station presets, precision tuning, great stereo sound, 8 hours of play time, indoor/outdoor reception worldwide, an easy to wear headband attachment, and their famous “twist & lock” stereo earphones that completely seal water out. The UwaterK7 FM radio now makes it easy for everyone to swim for hours without having to deal with downloading MP3 music.