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  • Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of baby Estil with an angel's kiss on her forehead
  • Some netizens asked Teigen if she used a surrogate for her youngest daughter
  • Teigen shut down rumors by sharing a snap of her C-section on her Instagram Stories

Chrissy Teigen clapped back at trolls speculating she had a surrogate for baby Esti.

Teigen shared a snap of her daughter on Instagram, highlighting the infant's "angel on her forehead." Several netizens responded, with some saying they called it an "angel's kiss" or "stork bite."

However, a fan asked if she welcomed her newborn via surrogate. Another alleged that John Legend's wife used a bump prosthetic called "moonbump" to pretend she was pregnant.

The celebrity mom of three immediately shut down the rumor by sharing a snap of her C-section on her Instagram Stories. She added the text, "Extremely realistic 'moonbump,'" Page Six reported.

Teigen and Legend also share daughter Luna, 7, and son Miles, 4. Teigen has been open about her birthing experience with her youngest child in a previous interview with People. She encouraged parents to store newborn stem cells and spoke about her first cesarean experience and why she was "so excited" about the procedure.

"I was kind of excited because I'm like, 'Yeah, I've done the vaginal thing twice. Let's try this,'" she said of her previous births with Luna and Miles. "I really love surgery. I like that I've seen both experiences."

Teigen said she was conscious during the surgery. She was even taking photos during the procedure.

"The incision is a lot, and you never know how your stomach's going to come together," she said. "I think your organs are on the table for a second, but that, to me, is so cool. I was taking pictures above the seat. I have the craziest pictures of the cord and everything."

She continued, "It really is so crazy, but I still think it's so cool. "I'm like, 'Oh, my God. I was laying there wide awake with my body cut open, and a baby comes out.' Now Miles and Luna love looking at my scar, and they call it the baby hole."

According to UpToDate, moms who had general anesthesia will not be awake during the cesarean births. However, some prefer regional anesthesia because it allows them to remain awake during the surgery, enjoy the support from staff and their partner, and experience birth. It also gives them the opportunity to have immediate contact with their newborn. The outlet noted that it is safer than regional anesthesia.

Crissy Teigen
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