Christina Milian appears to be getting serious about Lil Wayne. After admitting to several outlets that she loves the “Used To” rapper, Milian has taken their relationship to another, more permanent level.

During a recent interview with E! News the 33-year-old singer was asked several questions about her rumored relationship with the YMCMB rapper. She would neither confirm nor deny that they were official, but was all smiles as she discussed their “cool and fun” relationship which has apparently inspired her to mark her body.

Milian's tattoo, which reads “love hard…TNT,” seems to be a tribute to their romance. The “TNT” is believed to be a shortened version of she and Lil Wayne’s nicknames – Tina and Tunchi. Although she’s been increasingly more vocal about their relationship in recent months, Milian refused to divulge any details about the quote.

“You can make your special guesses, officially, unofficially, about what the means,” she said.

While chopping it up with E! correspondent Mark Malkin, she touched on her reasons for being so private about their relationship. Milian claimed that it’s not that she doesn’t want people to know they’re a couple, but rather that she likes “the mystery” of it all adding that she finds it “so sexy.”

“I like to keep things sexy,” she said.

Milian and Lil Wayne have reportedly been dating since October 2014 when they were spotted holding hands during the BET Awards. Both denied the relationship, but continued to spend time together. In March 2015, they were seen holding hands and laughing while walking off a film set.