Clashes have erupted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square between Egyptian soldiers and protesters, resulting in at least one death and dozens of injuries.

Other sources claim two people died, killed by army members who fired live rounds at protesters, beat some of them, and arrested several.

Two military vehicles were also set on fire.

However, a spokesman for the army told Reuters that only blanks were used. He also blamed the disturbances on “outlaws.”

Elements from the interior ministry along with some noble citizens confronted the riotous actions and enforced the curfew without any losses, the army’s statement read. The armed forces stress that they will not tolerate any acts of rioting or any act that harms the interest of the country and the people.

Overnight, the military sought to clear out demonstrators in the square who are demanding that deposed President Hosni Mubarak and his family face charges of corruption.

They are also calling for the resignation of The protesters were demanding a number of measures, including the resignation of Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the man who was chosen as interim leader to replace Mubarak.

Tantawi is Mubarak and Mubarak is Tantawi, they chanted.

According to BBC, hundreds of protesters returned to the square on Saturday morning and continuing their demonstrations. In addition, some army officers joined the protesters against the orders of their superiors.

The number of protesters remaining in the square is swelling, as news [of the clashes] spreads through the city, an Al Jazeera correspondent in Cairo reported.

On Friday, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the square demanded the prosecution of Mubarak.