Ned Kelly: Remains Identified But Skull Still at Large

Kelly's skull was last thought to have sat on the desk of a Victorian state police detective in 1929. The successful identification of Kelly's remains happened 131 years after he was hanged for murder. Scientists used DNA from Kelly's great great nephew, a Melbourne teacher, Leigh Olver, to identify his bones from others in a mass prison grave.

Mom Leaves Child in Rainy Night to Enjoy Drinks

A woman from Florida reportedly left her five-year-old daughter in her stroller at 10 pm on the rainy night of Thursday, outside a bar, to enjoy a couple of drinks. The 34-year-old mother, Sarah Lynn Cheek, has been charged with child neglect after some bystanders reported the incident of child-torture to the authorities.

West Memphis Three Walk to Freedom: Are They Really Innocent?

When the storied West Memphis Three walked to freedom 18 years after they were imprisoned for allegedly killing three 8-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, there were crowds of people outside the prison offering them support, and chanting that justice was finally done. Were they really innocent?

Three Men Convicted of Ritual Killing of West Memphis Boys Plead Guilty, Walk Free

The West Memphis Three -- Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr. -- who spent almost two decades in prison for the killing of three young boys, were freed by the court on Friday. The three men were tried and convicted of the murders of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas, on May 5, 1993. During the trial, the prosecution put forth the idea that the only purported motive in the case was that the slayings were part of a satanic ritual.

Olso Killer Due Back in Court

Oslo mass killer Anders Breivik will make his second court appearance Friday as relatives of the 69 people he gunned down gather on the island where they died, ahead of a national day of remembrance.

Remains of Missing Missouri Girl Found; Neighbor Confesses to Chilling Murder

Authorities found the remains of the 3-year-old Missouri girl Breeann Rodriguez, who went missing for more than a week, on Tuesday, near a series of floodway ditches about eight miles southeast of the girl's family's home in Senath. A suspect from the girl's neighborhood Shawn Morgan, who was arrested on Saturday, has confessed that he had suffocated the child with a plastic bag before dumping her body in the ditch.


Accused serial killer Anthony Sowell watches the jury walk into the courtroom at the Justice Center in Cleveland

Serial Killer Sowell's Mother Whipped Him Naked with Electrical Chords

Anthony Sowell, an Ohio sex offender, convicted of the murder of 11 women, was subjected to violent physical abuse as a child. Sowell's niece, Leona Davis, 50, who had spent her childhood with the convict's family following her mother's death, described the harrowing experiences she and Sowell had undergone as children, during a testimony in the court.