• Shower benches were sold at Costco stores nationwide from October 2018 to June 2021
  • There have been 81 reports of the item collapsing or falling while being used
  • Those who have the affected product are being advised to stop using it immediately
  • They can take the recalled item to Costco to get a full refund

Around 70,000 units of shower benches exclusively sold at Costco are being recalled as they can collapse while being used and pose a fall hazard to the users.

The recall affects Ivena 20" teak shower benches that were sold at Costco stores nationwide as well as online from October 2018 to June 2021, the recall alert posted on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website noted.

In total, there have been 81 reports of the shower benches collapsing or breaking apart while being used, four of which involved people who incurred injuries during falls.

"The four injuries included a fractured tailbone, persistent head and body aches and bruising," the agency noted.

As such, those who may have bought the product are being advised to stop using it immediately and take the recalled item to Costco instead to get a full refund.

The benches are made of light brown teak with a seat and a bottom shelf. They have "100% wood from well-managed forests" on the label. The items also have 1049998 and UPC 8886474018015 on their exterior packaging.

A photo of the product affected by the recall is available on the CPSC website.

Hazards in the Bathroom

Anyone can slip and fall in the bathroom, as it can be slippery when the surroundings are wet. Moreover, there aren't a lot of surfaces for people to hold on to as they keep themselves from falling. 

In fact, a National Library of Medicine report noted that "all ages" are susceptible to falls in the bathroom, with those aged 41 to 60 having the highest risk.

Meanwhile, a previous report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined the highest rates of bathroom injuries happened in or around the shower or bathtub, as well as near the toilet.

There are some simple steps people can take to make their bathrooms safer. They can make sure all essential items are nearby and easy to reach, so they won't need to bend or lean, to grab them. Installing non-slip mats may also help reduce falls. They can keep the bathroom well lit to clearly see everything and reduce the chances of getting hurt.

Another preventive measure would be re-hanging the bathroom door in such a way that it opens outward instead of inward. In case of an emergency, the first responders can simply open the door to provide help instead of having to struggle to push it open because the person who needs help might be blocking the way.

costco A worker pushes carts outside a Costco Wholesale store on May 31, 2006, in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Photo: Tim Boyle/Getty Images