Galaxy Note 7
The Samsung Galaxy Note FE will have most of the same specs of the original Note 7. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks continue to trickle in and the most recent shows the progression of the device’s design development. Shared by tech informant Steve Hemmerstoffer aka @OnLeaks Friday, the leak shows three supposed Galaxy Note 8 front panel prototypes and how its design has changed in just one month.

The panel from June 16 is the widest and has three visible sensor holes, in addition to a long and wide speaker grill. The panel from June 27 has less girth but has a thicker upper bezel, five sensor holes, and a thinner speaker grill. According to Hemmerstoffer, the July 14 Galaxy Note 8 panel is closest in design to renders he’s created based on schematics leaks for the device. This panel has all around thin bezels and a thin frame. It also has five sensor holes, but with widely varying sizes and shapes.

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The Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S8 also have five sensors on their front panel, though some are more visible than others. These sensors include the front camera sensor, iris scanner, iris detection LED, proximity sensor and light sensor. Sensors on Samsung devices have changed since the addition of features such as iris scanning and facial recognition.

However, the design changes in the three leaked panels could indicate new or updated features for the Galaxy Note 8. In particular, the June 27 panel has two small holes for the proximity and light sensors on the left side, while the July 14 panel has two large sensor holes instead.

So far, there have been no rumors connected to the Galaxy Note 8, which would indicate new sensor features. Hemmerstoffer muses that perhaps Samsung may have actually been able to keep details about the Galaxy Note 8 under wraps.

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Just one day prior, the manufacturer shared an ad for its Exynos 8895 system on a chip, which has led many to believe Samsung leaked a render for the Galaxy Note 8. However, the device renders in the ad visibly shows four sensors, indicating it may not be the Galaxy Note 8 after all.

At this time no details about the Galaxy Note 8 are confirmed. As the panel prototypes show, aspects of the device can quickly change.

Recent reports suggest the Galaxy Note 8 may be unveiled Aug. 23.