Aquaculture Offers Lifeline To Floundering Moroccan Fishermen

With fish stocks declining in the Mediterranean, struggling Moroccan fishermen are hoping to turn to aquaculture as a way to secure their future."We don't get anything from the sea anymore, we're paying for the mistakes of our fathers," said Mohamed Bouajra, a fisherman in Ras Kebdana, a port town near Morocco's eastern border with Algeria.But aquaculture offers a "glimmer of hope for escaping poverty", he said.

Unemployment Fuels Unrest In Arab States: IMF

In Lebanon, where protesters have brought the country to a standstill with demands for a full overhaul of the political system, the economy grew at a very slow pace over the past few years

Algeria Poll On December 12: Interim President

An Algerian protester holds a placard reading "I won't vote" during a demonstration against the ruling class in the capital Algiers on September 13, 2019, for the 30th consecutive Friday since the movement began