In Ethiopia, Busted VW Beetles 'Pimped Out' For Hip Youth

Robel Wolde extensively restored a beat-up 1967 Volkswagen Beetle that he bought from a friend for 50,000 Ethiopian birr (about 1,540 euros, $1,700)
When Robel Wolde bought a beat-up 1967 Volkswagen Beetle from a friend for 50,000 Ethiopian birr (about 1,540 euros, $1,700), it marked the start of an extensive restoration he'd plotted for years.The 25-year-old Ethiopian painter quickly went to work.He installed new grey leather seats, applied black stripes and decals along the orange-and-blue exterior and hired a metalworker to fit oversized headlights to the front bumper.

Skull find in Ethiopia yields new clues on how humans evolved

A "remarkably complete" 3.8-million-year-old skull of an early human has been unearthed in Ethiopia, scientists announced Wednesday, a discovery that has the potential to alter our understanding of human evolution.The skull, known as "MRD", was discovered not far from the younger Lucy -- the ancient ancestor of modern humans -- and shows that the two species may have co-existed for about 100,000 years.
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Southwest Pulls Boeing 737 Max From Service

The continued grounding of Being 737 Max planes has hurt the growth outlook of Southwest Airlines and the carrier will pull Boeing 737 Max planes from its service until next year. It will also cease services from Newark airport from November 3.
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Lonzo Ball Splits With Agent Harrison Gaines

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