Silent House
Elizabeth Olsen in 'Silent House' Press Release

Do you like scary movies? Well there's a pretty eerie one set for theaters on March 9th, but until then, there's a freaky new Facebook app to hold you over. 'We All Have Secrets' has been launched in order to promote the new haunted house thriller, 'Silent House'. You can log-in here and submit your deep dark secrets. You can also read what others are hiding. Yet the creepiest part of the app is that it takes personal photos and contact names and puts them into the a frightening and bloody scene!

'Silent House' is a rare horror film that plays out in real time and uses a single camera shot. It centers on Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), who is locked up in her family's lake-house and terrorized. The film is by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, who directed the deep sea shocker, 'Open Water'. The unsettling story was inspired by the Uruguayan film 'La Casa Muda'.