Crypto Startup Nether NFT Is Successfully Tokenizing The Human Personality On Blockchain
Crypto Startup Nether NFT Is Successfully Tokenizing The Human Personality On Blockchain Nether NFT

In today’s world, there is no shortage of new crypto assets and tokens. Everyday a new token is born and due to the hype it generates, its value soars through the sky. From the fear of missing out, people invest their hard earned money in it in search for a profit. However, as soon as the hype dies, the asset no matter how utilitarian it might be, dies, and with it dies the chance of profit, or even the recovery of initial investment, of all the people who invested in it.

The recent case of Dogecoin is another good example. A single tweet by Elon Musk, was enough to send the currency soaring through the sky crossing many other important projects, although doge was created as a joke.

If all these events point to one thing, it is that the real utility or the fundamentals of the projects no longer matter. Instead, the market is fueled by rumors and news. These rumors however untrue they might be, are created by people who are very real. People who are often influential, and who make the use of their personality to get people to buy or sell an asset.

So you might ask, if the fundamentals of a project no longer matter, what is it that truly matters? The answer is simple! All assets no matter what market they are in, are influenced by a supreme force that is the human personality. The human personality holds the power and utility that no other asset does.

With Nether NFT, we are laying the foundation of turning the most power force on the face of planet i.e. human personality into an asset that can be traded publically using non-fungible tokens (NFT) mechanics. Nether NFT is the world’s first and largest marketplace, based on blockchain, which allows celebrities, influencers, and other famous people to build and NFT out of their personality, peg tokens to that NFT and then sell it to their fans and devotees.

The concept Nether is bringing is not alien at all, instead the power of human personality is being displayed on social media platforms every day. People will do everything and anything to get a few thousand likes and comments. While these likes and comments can easily be distorted, and sometime even bought, but the attention they create is very much real. Nether NFT is laying foundation of a world where metrics like comments and likes, which can be easily distorted are of no value. Where in order to show devotion, your fans have to make a real effort i.e. to hold tokens pegged to your personality NFT or basically hold your personality bits (that’s what we are calling the tokens pegged to a personality NFT).

Nether (NTR) is the native coin of the Nether NFT platform and will be used for everything from paying transaction fee to purchasing personality bits and redeeming them. There are only 26,000,000 NTR in existence, therefore, their value is bound to appreciate.

Nether NFT has gathered a large community around it, consisting of influencers, famous personalities, their fans and just simply people who believe in Nether. Nether NFT is listed on multiple exchanges and the main net is supposed to come out by the end of year 2021. So if you understand the potential for this project, it is not too late to jump on the train!