U.S. regulators unlikely to break up biggest banks

U.S. lawmakers are looking at ways to limit the damage that large banks, insurers and funds can wreak on the financial system, but breaking up healthy companies is unlikely to be part of the mix because it is too difficult to implement. Read Full Article here.

U.S. bank bailout estimate cut by $200 billion

The projected long-term cost of the U.S. government's bailout of the nation's big banks is going to be at least $200 billion less than previously thought, a Treasury Department official said on Sunday night. Read Full Article here.

Senator Dodd to press financial reform ahead: aides

Senator Christopher Dodd chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, is ready to push through a controversial financial regulation reform bill with or without Republican support, senior aides said, just days before the House of Representatives votes on its own reform legislation. Read Full Article here.

Gold falls 2 percent as dollar strengthens

Gold prices fell 2 percent to session lows in Europe on Monday, on selling prompted by the dollar's rise to a five-week high versus the euro following above-consensus jobs data in the previous session. Read Full Article here.

RIM announces Blackberry China distribution deal

Digital China, a Hong Kong-listed information technology company, is to distribute Research In Motion's Blackberry handsets, accelerating RIM's effort to expand into mainland China. Read Full Article here.

Five AIG execs say may quit over pay: report

Five senior executives at American International Group told the insurer last week they may quit if their compensation was cut significantly by the U.S. pay czar, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read Full Article here.

OECD warns public debt jeopardizes recovery: report

Countries with mounting public debt jeopardize the sustainability of their economic recovery from the global financial crisis over the next several years, the OECD's new chief economist said in a interview in an Italian newspaper. Read Full Article here.