White supremacist website Daily Stormer has moved its online presence to a Russian domain name after being rejected by domain hosting providers GoDaddy and Google.

Daily Stormer now exists online at DailyStormer.ru, though the design of the website is considerably different and some content once hosted on the site is no longer listed. The WhoIs information—publicly available records about the registrant of a web domain—are currently private.

A prior WhoIs record for the .com domain included the name of Andrew Anglin, the founder of the website, as the registrant.

Prior to the Russian-hosted website popping up online, a mirrored version of the Daily Stormer’s websites appeared on the dark web with a .onion domain name. That domain, which was accessible by using the Tor browser, now directs to the .ru address.

Since the move to the Russian domain, content delivery network (CDN) Cloudflare canceled Daily Stormer’s paid subscription to its service. Cloudflare and other CDNs help to distribute traffic directed at a site to prevent it from being overwhelmed by visits.

Without such protection, Daily Stormer could be subject to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in which thousands of devices are instructed to make tons of requests of a domain in order to knock it offline and make it inaccessible to others.

Anglin and his site for white supremacists have also been removed from Facebook. Articles from the site that were shared on the social network have also been removed. In response, Daily Stormer has moved to the Russian social network VK, where it has thus far failed to amass much of a following.

“What has happened is that we’ve been given a massive amount of publicity by the media,” founder Andrew Anglin wrote in a post explaining the move. “We need to work on capitalizing on that to get our ideas further into the public sphere.”

Daily Stormer was given the boot by GoDaddy earlier this week after the site posted an incendiary article about the victim of a vehicular attack carried out by a white supremacist during protests that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The article calls Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old who was killed while protesting against hate groups, “fat” and “the definition of uselessness” because she was childless. The article also referred to the neo-Nazi who rammed his car into a crowd of protesters, injuring dozens and killing Heyer, as a “straight player.”

“Given this latest article comes on the immediate heels of a violent act, we believe this type of article could incite additional violence, which violates our terms of service,” a spokesperson for GoDaddy told International Business Times at the time of Daily Stormer’s removal.

Google followed suit in banning the white supremacist site after its owners attempted to move the domain to Google Domains. The search giant said Daily Stormer violated the company’s terms of service and rejected its request to host its domain.

Communications service Discord has also taken action to remove be white supremacist users and servers from its platform, including a server used by AltRight.com, a white nationalist news site.