Well the sexy and talented Indy Racing League sensation Danica Patrick has teamed up once again with Go Daddy for the Super Bowl XLIII where she almost fulfills every man's fantasy on a shower scene.

Go Daddy has two commercials approved by network censors for one slot in this year's Super Bowl broadcast. One has Patrick testifying before a committee to say whether she is enhanced or not. Then there is one where she decides to take a shower.

Voting is on.

Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons says I'm looking forward to seeing how people vote - I like both ads

I say we give the viewers what they want to see. he added.

The ads are fun, edgy and slightly inappropriate, as is the Go Daddy tradition.

Votes are being taken at www.godaddy.com through Jan. 23. The company says it will reveal the winner during the Super Bowl and show HOT, Internet-only versions on its Web site after the kickoff.