• "Darkest Dungeon 2" is getting some of its key systems reworked
  • All units now have 100% accuracy unless afflicted by certain conditions
  • Campaign length has been significantly reduced, but replayability remains the same

The sequel to the acclaimed gothic dungeon crawling RPG “Darkest Dungeon” is set to bring about some huge changes to the game’s formula without departing much from what made it unique in the first place. Fans can expect more of the same gameplay with more than just a brand-new coat of paint.

Red Hook Studios released a short teaser for “Darkest Dungeon 2” in October last year, showing off the character models’ beautifully crafted 3D assets mixed with the game’s signature 2D style. Meanwhile, the game’s iconic narrator spouted dramatic exposition in the background, describing the horrors surrounding the party of heroes.

Apart from the game’s departure from the 2D space and into the 3D realm, not much else was revealed about “Darkest Dungeon 2.” However, the developers recently disclosed more of the game’s details in an interview with PC Gamer. Here are some of the biggest changes they mentioned.

The Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon specializes in close and mid-ranged combat
The Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon specializes in close and mid-ranged combat Red Hook Studios

No More Accuracy Stat

Accuracy has been completely removed from “Darkest Dungeon 2,” and all attacks will be guaranteed hits unless characters are under the influence of certain effects. Red Hook co-founder and creative director Chris Bourassa told PC Gamer that players disliked missing their attacks so much that they decided to simply remove accuracy altogether.

Broader Setting, Shorter Campaigns

Instead of just delving into dungeons, players will have to journey toward a mountain while encountering the world’s many hostile horrors along the way. Despite this larger sense of scale, each campaign of “Darkest Dungeon 2” is designed to last for just about five hours.

Bourassa said the campaign length was shortened to make the game less intimidating for new players. He noted that while each full run may be shorter, the roguelike elements of the game will keep every playthrough feeling fresh and exciting.

The Affinity System

Each of a player’s characters will interact with each other based on an affinity system. This new system will determine whether or not one character likes another and will dictate their overall levels of stress, which may cause unwanted psychological effects down the road.

Characters will have their own opinions on how to resolve certain situations, and players will have to choose the best course of action, Bourassa said. Going with one solution may cause relationships to go sour and potentially ruin a run.