David Letterman during his show “Late Show with David Letterman” fired a double flip-off at his audience when they interrupted him while he was interviewing his favorite actress Julia Roberts on Thursday.

Roberts was on the show to promote her new movie Larry Crowne.

Letterman and Roberts were talking about children and personal life, after Julia talked about her kids, Letterman admitted, One of my sadness’s in life is
that my son does not have a brother or a sister - older or younger.

The audience responding to his statement let out a collective aww, and Letterman then gave them a two-finger salute.

The Oscar-winning actress during the show was also surprised when her Larry Crowne co-star Tom Hanks burst into the set to play an impromptu version of The Newlywed Game,” Ace Showbiz reported.

David Letterman double flip-off at audience: