Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game, “Death Stranding,” has a slew of weird features that fans can see even just by looking at some of the game’s trailers. The weirdness doesn’t end there though as Kojima announced another feature coming with the game.

In a tweet, Kojima announced that “BB,” the baby that Norman Reedus’ character Sam Porter Bridges carries inside a jar on his chest, can be heard from the unique DualShock4 controller that comes bundled with the special-edition “Death Stranding” themed PlayStation 4 console.

“By setting, you’ll be able to have BB’s voice coming out from this BBish controller,” Kojima tweeted, followed by a slew of emojis and photos of the console.

The fact that BB, or Bridge Baby, can be heard from the speakers on the “Death Stranding” themed PS4 controller completes the special edition console’s overall appeal: the PS4 console’s design is reminiscent of the footsteps or handprints made by the game’s monsters (or specifically Margaret Qualley/Mama’s baby), and the controller itself looks like the jar BB is placed in.

It’s unclear as to what sounds BB will be heard making through the DualShock controller. IGN noted that it could possibly range from typical cooing to something weirder. Earlier trailers revealed that there will be times when BB will cry, and the noises will likely be heard via the “Death Stranding” PS4 controller. It’s also unclear if BB will be heard when players use standard DualShock 4 controllers.

GamingBolt noted that in “Death Stranding,” PS4 controller will be more than just a device used to move in-game characters around. It will be used to rock BB to sleep when it cries after certain events (like Sam falling down from a cliff) as well, meaning that the controller will be some sort of “conduit” for interactions with the baby.

Not the only thing

This isn’t the first time Kojima introduced a weird, if not creative, idea in video games. He required players to play near sunlight in order to win against vampires in 2003’s GameBoy Advance title “Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand,” and got players switching controller ports to defeat the FOXHOUND soldier named “Psycho Mantis” in 1998’s “Metal Gear Solid”  for the original PlayStation.